by Caustic

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Once again cementing himself as industrial’s most polarizing, controversial artist, well above Nachtmahr, Aesthetic Perfection, Youth Code, Nachtmahr again, or Miley Cyrus, CAUSTIC courts even more extra special controversy with the release of his surprise album, the completely unanticipated but utterly controversational OBΔMΔCΔRE!

Over the years CAUSTIC has had to continually silence the incessant mewling of his subhuman detractors about his epic releases, and OBΔMΔCΔRE will most certainly be criticized, boycotted, and turned into books and systematically burned. However, to CAUSTIC’s true fans, it will be considered one of the world’s most rapturous, bombastic masterpieces in the history of music, film, and the culinary arts. Many babies will be made to it. Controversial babies.

Please note that this is not some cheap marketing ploy to drum up publicity and generate additional sales, because not only has CAUSTIC alienated the industrial masses with his meticulously plotted shock imagery and imaginary feuds with other artists, CAUSTIC also has once again given the middle finger to the entire recording industry by releasing OBΔMΔCΔRE in the most populist, socialist manner possible: FOR FREE.

Why the title OBΔMΔCΔRE? Because no other strangely spelled word in the English language today describes CAUSTIC as accurately. CAUSTIC regularly creates a tsunami of reactionary criticism, speculation, and sheer, uninformed hatred through his obviously baiting tactics for his unapologetic, take-no-prisoners industrial (and is it even CONSIDERED industrial? Start a debate over it! Argue about it on your Facebook!). However, HE WILL NOT BE SWAYED. The haters simply ignite a biggerer tsunami of creative wordplay and over-the-top war comparisons for the music he makes in his basement on a computer.

Not only does the title erupt a volcanic mass of seething emotions, but the art for the album will be controversial-times-infinity (no take backs!, blatantly desecrating the cover art for the classic Nirvana album Nevermind in a first Amendment satirical work that could potentially get CAUSTIC sued by his haters (or by lawyers, or The Voice). CAUSTIC will remain undeterred, however. CAUSTIC never wavers. CAUSTIC ALWAYS STANDS UP (while not swaying).

Included on the 11 track magnum opus are three new tracks and several new remixes from the likes of IVARDENSPHERE, LOSS, MAHR, NULL DEVICE, and more. CAUSTIC also had the audacity to cover songs by two of industrial’s most sacred cows: GODFLESH and BABYLAND, both of which are clearly inferior versions of the originals. This will undoubtedly be mentioned ad nauseum by CAUSTIC’s sometimes maybe sorta correct critics.

OBΔMΔCΔRE is coming, whether the masses like it or not. Like a monolith of self-hyped artistic integrity, CAUSTIC shall never bow to the wishes of weak, vocal minority, or to those with good taste. Nay, HE SHALL NOT. CAUSTIC will forever be a beacon of argumentative discussion in many a poorly attended online forum, for his fuel is passion. His fuel is calculated chaos. His fuel is notoriety through questionable decisions.



released December 13, 2013

All tracks written by CAUSTIC, except WORST CASE SCENARIO (Babyland) and CHRISTBAIT RISING (Godflesh). The original version of MUST HAVE PILLS was written with DOUBLEPLUSTEN.

Mastered by Josev F at Dagger Eyes.



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